The School is named after Guru Tegh Bahadur Bahadur Sahib, ninth Guru of the Sikhs who laid down his life not for his own faith and doctrines, doctrines, but for the fundamental fundamental rights of the Hindu Religion. Religion. He emphasised emphasised that no mighty power or political political authority authority had the right to impose any particular particular creed and culture either by force or through tempting indoctrination indoctrination on any religious eligious or cultural minority. Guru Tegh Bahadur Bahadur’s martyrdom worked a miracle in Indian history history. It was the beginning beginning of the end of the mighty Moghul empire. Aurangzeb’s tyrannical phase of persecution and terr annical phase of persecution and terror ended with the martyr or ended with the martyrdom of Guru T dom of Guru Tegh Bahadur. egh Bahadur. Guru Tegh Bahadur Bahadur’s life and teachings teachings have great relevance for our present age of intoler intolerance and political political ideologies. ideologies. He was the poet of human freedom and the musician musician of divine wisdom. wisdom. He was the lover of truth and justice justice and he dedicated dedicated his life for the freedom and peace of humanity.

He teaches in his slokas:

Our Vision

  • Guru Tegh Bahadur Bahadur Public School strives strives to promote academic academic excellence cellence by providing world class value based education education to children from all sections of society in keeping with the guidelines envisaged in the NPE.

Our Mission

  • We shall accord priority priority in admitting admitting children of the Sikh community community. Emphasis Emphasis in the curriculum curriculum will be laid on the ethical ethical and moral principles enshrined in the teachings of the great Sikh Gurus.
  • We believe in constantly constantly challenging challenging the status quo by creating innovative techniques techniques for joyful learning learning through technology technology and varied instructional strategies.
  • We focus on the whole child and respect individual individual needs by fostering fostering a caring environment enabling enabling children to enhance enhance their social, emotional, cr social, emotional, creative and physical de eative and physical development as well as become r velopment as well as become respectful and r espectful and responsible citizens for the futur esponsible citizens for the future.
  • We promote sportsmanship, school spirit, and pride in ourselves through our daily studies and our educational endeavours.