Parent Teachers Association

The Association shall be purely educational and free from any political, religious or sectarian consideration.

The Association shall offer suggestions in areas pertaining to administrative matters and day-to-day functioning of the school, but in no way interfere in the decisions.

A parent-teacher association (PTA) is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in the overall development of the school. The PTA concept facilitates good school – community relationship. The forum enables the parents understand the scholastic, co-scholastic opportunities and infrastructural facilities that exist for their wards in the school. They appreciate the constraints the school experiences in the course of carrying out the administrative and instructional functions and offer suggestions / solutions to overcome them.

The Association shall not work in any manner which may be prejudicial to the interests of Guru Tegh Bahadur Public School, Model Town Northex and the members of the Association.

Both parents shall be members of the PTA association. However, authorized representatives of parents who are guardians of students can become members.

Aims and Objectives of the PTA

Broadly, the aims and objectives of the PTA are as under:

To promote the welfare of the children at home, in school and in the community.
To bring about a better understanding between parents and teachers.
To create consciousness among parents and teachers about the welfare of the school and children.
To advise parents and create consciousness among them about their responsibility towards the children.
To work for a harmonious relationship between school and community.


To make parent-teacher communication possible individually as well as in group.
To arrange for parents to visit the school an appointment days and discuss the progress of the children.
To mobilize community resources for the welfare of children.
To provide opportunities to teacher and parents to meet on equal footings and discuss problem of their children in order to ensure their welfare.
To increase co-operation and better understanding between parents and teachers.
To arrange for social get together and program of recreation for parents and teachers.
To organize activities for the welfare of the children.

General Body

All the parents of the student studying in a school shall be enrolled as the member of the General Body. The Principal and Teachers shall be the ex-office members. No parents should continue as a member or office bearer of the PTA of the school of his/her ward has left the school. The General Body shall meet at least once in an academic year.
All bonafide members shall enjoy the right to vote whenever there is an election to the Executive Committee or there is voting to decide any matter pertaining to the Association. However, only one parent (either father or mother as decided by the couple) shall be eligible to vote.

Membership Fee / PTA Corpus Fund

The PTA corpus fund will be generated through the subscription of the Parent Members. Annual subscription Fee is Rs 25/-. The annual subscription shall have to be paid latest by the 31st day of July of the corresponding academic year of the school. Fund shall be spent on the activities of the association subject to control of the Executive Committee.
Organisation: The PTA shall comprise of two bodies: General Body and Executive Committee

 Executive Committee

The Management of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in three months and a notice of at least 3 days shall be necessary for it. The tenure of the Executive Committee shall be 2 years from April to March.
The following are the current office bearers of the executive committee: