Disaster Emergency Management Plan

In the event of a disastrous situation children and teachers are at considerable risk. As a school is a densely populated place, therefore to create disaster awareness amongst students and teachers is of great importance. The under mentioned emergency management plan will be followed:

  • Emergency siren sounded.
  • Teachers will assemble students.
  • Students of classes Nursery, K.G. and IX to XII to exit classes and gather at the assembly area.
  • Students of classes I to VIII to exit classes and assemble in the sports ground with respective class teachers.
  • Instructions for Staff

    • On hearing siren, assemble the students and follow the evacuation procedure.
    • No baggage or belongings to be carried by anyone.
    • Do not shout, run or create panic.
    • In case of fire switch off fans and lights.
    • In case of earthquake cling to wall or be in couched position. Follow the DROP (bend) under a strong table, COVER your head with one hand and HOLD furniture with other hand rule if inside the room.

    Command during evacuation

    • Principal/authorized person to take full command and control.
    • To give signal for all clear.

    Post Evacuation Procedure

    • On getting all clear signal, teachers to conduct a physical headcount of students and give OK report to the Principal.
    • In case of injuries, provide first aid and appropriate medical aid.

    Instructions for parents

    • School phone lines may remain busy, be patient.
    • Please extend co-operation to school authorities if your help is required.