The school has well-equipped laboratories to enhance the learning ability and skill of the children. The science labs provide ample opportunities to do practical work and conduct scientific investigations. Varied experiences are provided to the students to supplement the theories learnt in the class.

• Physics Lab
• Chemistry Lab
• Biology Lab
Computer Science Lab – The computer science centre has become an integral part of the curriculum looking after the modern day information technology in two specially designed courses. One course familiarizes junior students with Computer Literacy Programme from classes III to VIII and the other looks after the needs at the +2 level wherein Computer Science/Informatics Practices are studied as an Elective subject.
The libraries are the fountain head of the knowledge. They provide rich material to supplement and enrich the instructions and guidance given in the class rooms. The total number of books in our school library is a whopping 10,000 (approx.) with the number increasing with each passing day. The libraries have sections ranging from reference books, text books of fiction, non-fiction and general knowledge